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    • My text is longer than 2000 words, what is the possible term for completing my translation?
      For example, for 4000 words (16 normal pages) the standard term is 6 work days, a fast deadline is 4 work days, an express term is within 48 hours and an extremely express term is within 24 hours.
    • How many words are in a normal page?
      One normal page is about 250 words.
    • How can I count the number of words in my text?
      The number of words in you electronic form text can be found simply in the document properties.
    • What exactly is a sworn translation (certified translation)?
      A sworn translation is a translation that is done by a translator registered with the Ministry of Justice and is confirmed with a round stamp. These translations are used for official purposes. Sworn translations are completed in paper form and must include the original or a notarized copy of the document. To complete such a translation, this original or notarized copy of the document must be provided.
    • What is a correction?
      A corrector „polishes“ your text, restyles incorrect forms, replaces repeated words, corrects missing punctuation and ensures that your document best reflects the specifics of the target language.
    • What is localization?
      Localization is the adaptation of products and content so that they specifically meet the targeted local market. The following items are normally adapted and translated: documentation, school materials, user guides, system management, technical support, marketing materials and similar items. Localization involves project management and experience with the right technology wherein it mainly affects the uniformity and functional verification of all localized elements. Professional use of the correct localization processes and tools increases the effectiveness and quality of the resulting translation at the same time.
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